On A Break

6 12 2007

The Lavish View is on a break right now and will come back stronger.
We are working on to expand so please be patient and enjoy our previous posts.

For more information e-mail us at: thelavishview@gmail.com

Thank you


The Lavish View now also on Myspace.com

7 11 2007

Yes yes y’all.

The Lavish View has from now on also a myspace.
Feel free to add and put us in your top list.



Happy Halloween!

31 10 2007

We wish everyone a good Halloween, don’t make me catch some1 walking around with a Jason hoodie because we will lay the smack down on him!!!

And here’s a little gift:
Watch Halloween (2007) Online Here!

Hello New World!

30 10 2007

Welcome to a new blog with the name “The Lavish View“.
There will be multiple authors writting on this blog.
We from “The Lavish View” want you to participate, so feel free to give feedback on anything you want no matter what it is, there are no borders.

Want to share something with us? Just post in a commen and we will if needed respond.

Thank you & Njoy.