Is Lil Wayne The Greatest Rapper Alive?

1 11 2007

The 5th The Greatest Rapper Alive mixtape has been releashed recently.
Now personaly I am a big fan of Weezy, my thoughts about the kid has slowly become very posstive over the years. But as of right now I’m starting to get my doubts about his future.
Will he ever become commercial, go worldwide and stay on a higher level? Or will he just be remembered as the young’n with the many collaborations but no classic albums.
Greatest or not, 1 thing is a fact, Wayne is a beast.

This is what Baby had to say about his “son”:

“Wayne never stopped,” he explains. “He take it like a professional; he never stop working and that’s why he where he is. And besides that, the lil nigga supergifted, extra-smart, talented like a mothafucka. You know it’s possible that they can have another Wayne come out, but what he ’bout to do is a miracle for us to see. We was fortunate to grow up on Tupac, but he died young. This shit Wayne got bigger that. Bigger than Tupac, bigger than Biggie and Jay-Z. It’s crazy.”

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3 responses

1 11 2007
Gilla B

Thanks for the download, weezy is sick with it he deserves to shineeeee

1 11 2007

hey does anyone know when his album is coming out? thanks

1 11 2007

Baby interview has been added.

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